A Fresh Flooring Option: Tile for the Entire Home


Flooring is a big decision for many homeowners. Everyone seems to have a preference when it comes to the colour and material of their home. Families have some specific needs. Kids and pets can warrant the need for extremely durable flooring that is easy to clean. Tile is an excellent option when you want your floor to last for many years. A professional company can help you find the perfect colour and texture to fit every room of your home.

The Perfect Fit

Tile is not only for kitchens and bathrooms anymore. Modern tile designs come in a variety of patterns to fit many decorative styles. You can go with a traditional, large, square tile if you want the room to be simple and match all of your furniture. Each room can also be different. The old rules of uniformity do not apply anymore. There is some room for creativity. Tilers in Kensington and Chelsea can help you with these options and more.

  • wood-look tiles
  • a unique layout pattern
  • textured tiles

Keeping it Clean

Tile is the easiest flooring type to clean. It is completely waterproof and can easily be swept daily. Little kids can spill their drinks with no concerns. If you want a floor that stands the test of time, tile is it. It does great when cleaned with a traditional mop, as well. Smooth tiles may become too slippery when they are wet. It is best to install tiles with a rougher texture in major living areas. Small children and elderly people can fall easily if a there is water on the smooth tiles.

Tile flooring does not have to look uniform and boring. There are now different colours and textures that look great with a variety of styles. Take the time to create a unique look for every room in your home.




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