Fascinating Facts about the Windows in Your Home and Why You Should Partner with a Double Glazing Expert


Long before glass came about, ancient windows were created out of crude animal skins and flimsy textiles, but this changed when early Roman architects began creating thick, opaque glass-based windows some time around 100 AD.

However, after many centuries of advancement and innovation, windows have become essential inclusions in modern buildings and they play a pivotal role with regard to the energy efficiency of any type of structure.

Some Things You Might Not Have Known About Windows

In order to address the benefits of booking Dorset double glazing repairs, we have to dive into the world of windows and highlight some fundamental facts:

  • Believe it or not, as much as 85% of residential heat loss can be directly attributed to brittle single-pane windows, which are quickly becoming obsolete due to their inefficient constructs and porous frames.
  • To boot, it’s worth noting that the standard lifecycle of a single-pane window is a paltry five years. By contrast, upgraded double-glazed panes can last nearly four decades with nary a problem.
  • According to several energy surveys conducted this past year, double-glazed windows can lower energy costs by 18% in hot climates and approximately 24% in colder environments.

As such, double-glazed products can help you reduce outdoor noise, decrease utility charges, eliminate mould-inducing condensation, and considerably diminish air transference.

Schedule a Site Inspection with a Team of Local Fitters

When it comes time to upgrade your home, you should never sacrifice quality for cost, but it’s important to note that double-glazed windows are actually very economical nowadays.

In as little as one day, you can revamp your home’s functionality and kerb appeal, so be sure to get in touch with a talented team of window fitters this week.


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