Keys and Locks Come in a Wide Variety of Types


No two keys are the same unless they must lock or unlock the same door. Therefore, keys are featured in a wide range of configurations. You can choose from the following selections:

  • Household keys
  • Vehicle keys
  • Security keys
  • Single- or double-bitted keys for safes
  • Keys that lock windows
  • Forklift keys
  • Keys for machinery
  • Caravan keys
  • Cavity or dimple keys
  • Tubular keys
  • Garage remote controls

Lock Styles

The above keys are just a sampling of keys that are provided by trusted lock repair services in Bexleyheath. Locks are also available in various designs. Below are descriptions of some of the well-known designs.

Warded Locks

These locks, which appear complicated to operate, are one of the older lock designs. Despite their features, the mechanism in a ward lock is simple, if not easy, to open. In fact, the lock is actually a breeze to pick and a person can open a locked door in a manner of a few seconds. Whilst seeming to look complex, warded locks are the least secure of all lock designs.

Wafer Locks

These locks are usually used in high-use and grimy environments. That is because the locks are known for their resistance to contamination and debris. The lock’s name refers to the lock’s design. Within the lock are small wafers that must be elevated to a certain level to permit the lock to open. Because the tolerances are normally somewhat loose, the locks, similarly to warded locks, are simple to pick.

Pin Tumbler Locks

Pin tumbler locks are the common locks used today. The medium-security locks feature a number of pins and various depths on the cuts for the keys.



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