Modular Homes Are Trending in Western Australia


    If you want to increase the value of your real estate in Western Australia, you can do so modularly. Modular homes are trending in WA as they are not only affordable but they help you better utilise your living space. The homes, which are called pre-fab (prefabricated) homes, make it possible for you to provide more space for an elderly relative or a teen. They can also be used for an office or studio if you like.

    Generate Extra Income with Your Granny Flat

    When you work with a prefab supplier, the company offers full services from council planning to the final construction of the structure. Not only that but recent legislative changes allow homeowners to rent out kit homes in Perth, WA, also known as granny flats. If you want an extra source of income, having one of these homes built is an excellent plan.

    Choose From Studios to Four-Bedroom Designs

    Indeed, you will enjoy investing in this form of real estate. Modular homes are available in a large range of designs and styles. For example, you can choose from studios that cover approximately 15 square metres or large four bedroom and two bath residences that cover as much as 125 square metres of living space. Therefore, you can find just the right type of home for your needs whether you are using the dwelling to expand your real estate or are planning to rent it out.

    The manufacturer of a prefab home can install the building or you can install the home yourself by obtaining an owner builder’s licence. If you choose to build and oversee the installation yourself, the company will supply you with a certificate to obtain the products and building materials that you need. That way, the approval process will be more streamlined and stress-free.

    How the Homes Are Made

    Homes are constructed from one or more pods, or modules, and organised in various configurations to produce a contemporarily designed dwelling. You will like adding this type of structure to your property as you can include additional pods later if you so choose. Therefore, you can expand the home any time you like.

    Because the homes are built in a modular style, you can buy them at a reduced cost. Pods are featured in two widths. The standard width is 2.4 metres wide whilst the other larger pod is 3.4 metres wide. Pods are designed in lengths of six metres or 12 metres and at a height of 2.89 metres. The larger-width pods feature external cladding whilst standard-width pods display corrugated steel sides.

    The materials that are used in each home’s design meet or exceed the standards set for electrical or plumbing installation in Australia and New Zealand as well as the prerequisites established by Australia’s building code. Frames feature a C4 cyclone rating against heavy winds and rain.


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