The Benefits Of Getting A Land Survey And Protecting Your Investment


In Australia, land to build homes and businesses is becoming scarcer by the day and in city areas even more so. The days of being able to build your home anywhere are gone and there are now planning permissions needed for every building project. People are now putting up fences and walls to mark out the land that they own, so that there are no boundary issues with neighbours or government. That is why it is vitally important that you have a land survey done because knowing exactly what you own or what you are going to buy, is knowledge that you do need. Just because the seller of the house tells you that you own that corner of land doesn’t make it so, and so obtaining a land survey is just as important as getting the mortgage to buy the land.

Sets Out The Boundary Lines

If you are having some issues with a neighbour and there is some confusion on their part and yours, as to where the property line starts and ends, then the only legal way to get it resolved is to hire the services of CitiSurv Land Surveyors, who will tell you about the boundaries of your property. A land survey is used to make sure that a neighbour doesn’t plant a tree that will encroach onto your land, or maybe there has been a large storm and your neighbour’s wall or fence has fallen down. It is important to be able to tell your neighbour to build the new fence on their land and not yours, and if you have the paper work to show the boundaries, then this would be most useful.

The Four Corners

Not all land is as simple as marking out four corners. Land comes in all shapes and sizes and not one boundary line is the same as another. Getting a land survey done is one way to properly protect your investment because it will tell you the exact size and shape of your property. If it is your future plan to build a house on your newly acquired land, be sure to stay within the boundaries that are shown on your land survey. Just because someone doesn’t live on the land adjacent to yours doesn’t mean that someone won’t want to build there later. If you have crossed your boundary line onto their property, then you are going to run into big issues later.

Costs Involved

Getting a land survey completed is a fairly straightforward thing to get done. The price of the survey depends on the type of terrain your property is on. If it is a mountainous area, then it is more difficult and possibly a little dangerous and so the price will reflect this. The amount and type of documents you currently have will affect the costs of a land survey, as there may be additional work finding out about old land documents at the land office. This may be time consuming and will be reflected in the price of the land survey.

A land survey will save you money in the end, so be sure to get one for piece of mind. It doesn’t make sense having to go to court further down the road because you didn’t bother to do so.


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