The Many Benefits Of Putting A Slate Roof On Your Home


In Australia, we all have questions when it comes to our roof covering. There are many materials available to us and we are never quite sure which one to choose. One roof covering that may have been overlooked recently is slate. Many people are unfamiliar with this type of covering and because of that, they don’t make further inquiries. There are a number of slate roofing styles to choose from and also colours and patterns. Slating can also vary in texture which means that you may have a tile that is smooth or rough and the colours range from the well know grey colour, to green, purple and even red.

Takes Care Of Itself

The easiest way to describe slate is to say that it is rock and it is millions of years old. If it has survived this long, then there is a strong chance that it is going to survive for even longer on top of your roof. NSW Slate Roofing stocks this particular roof covering because they know that it is very durable and strong and will last you many, many years. It tends to take care of itself over time and you shouldn’t really have to spend any money on it, over a period of fifty to seventy five years. When you do decide to put on this roof covering, there is no need for a sealant or any paint, as this will affect the durability of the slate.

The ‘Forever Roof’

Slate is frequently referred to as the ‘forever roof’ and it gets that name for a reason. Most slate roofs last for up to one hundred years and if you walk around the countryside, you will see many old houses still standing with a slate roof on top. If you build a new home and decide to put on a slate roof, then that will be the only covering you will have to do in your lifetime. It also increases the resale value of your home quite a lot because buyers know that the roof is built to last.

Architects Love It

It looks great on top of any home and architects love it for its ability to blend into any design. It is also naturally fire resistant which is important here in Australia, where we experience many bush fires. It is also mould resistant and has really low water absorption, which means it is very resistant when it comes to frost and any breakages due to freezing. It is important to remember, however, that the slates can be quite heavy and in most cases will add an additional five hundred pounds to the average home. You need to first check to see if your current roof structure is strong enough to hold up a slate roof.

Slate is more expensive than other roof coverings, but you need to look at things over the long term. This is a roof covering that will never have to be replaced in your lifetime and if there are any issues, it is actually just a case of sliding out the damaged slate and sliding another one in, in its place .


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