Showing Your Home To Make A Sale


Many people wonder what steps they need to take when showing their home to make a sale. When potential buyers come to view your home it is your duty to ensure that things are in place and everything is clean and orderly. This helps to ensure that the ‘buyers’ will not be distracted by clutter or disorder. Even things like snow on the sidewalk can be an issue.

In most cases, your collectibles and valued family heirlooms, souvenirs and trinkets will be considered nothing more than dust collectors by those that have no attachment to them. The point is, you should clear these things out before you invite potential buyers in.

Small Details Help Make A Sale Happen

Good lighting is appreciated in a home so ensure that the rooms of your home either have plenty of natural lighting or sufficient artificial light sources. You might also want to consider adding a sign or two that provides important details about the home. This might include such things as condo fees, amenities and or appliances that are included, whether cable and Internet access is available, etc.

Even though your pets are considered family members, it is best to have them contained in an out of the way place – preferably away from the home, when potential buyers view your home. Ideally, you will have a ‘closer’ at your home when you have an open house. These individuals have the experience needed to determine which ‘potential buyers’ are truly interested and which are simply there to look at the home.

Did You Make A Sale – Not So Fast!

Most buyers will negotiate to bring the price down. Be prepared. Some of the reasons given for a lowered offer may be offensive. Keep in mind that you are not obligated to accept these offers. You can counter-offer or simply say that your price is firm.

After a price is agreed on, the next step is to transfer home ownership. Lawyers are needed, as well as an escrow company or a bank. Settlement details are finalized and the contract will include details about the amount and location of the property, the date and timing of the sale, the transfer of funds, information about any items included in or excluded from the sale, the conveyance of the title, the appointment of various fees to be paid, insurance matters, and other related topics.

You Make A Sale & Feel Wonderful!

Both buyers and sellers should feel free to ask questions and they should get satisfactory explanations about their concerns. Everything should be made crystal clear.

“Earnest money” morally obliges the buyer to finalize a mortgagewith his bank, to have the property inspected within a reasonable period and to be prepared to settle by a certain date. That is the day that someone else takes ownership of your house.


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