Stable position of Greece and the islands

Zakynthos real estate

An important argument in favor of buying Zakynthos real estate is the stable economic situation in this southern country. Most of the properties are located on a beautiful seashore, and will always be popular, which will ensure a stable income over time. However, experts’ advice only apply to a trusted real estate agency Greece, where the costs may be lower, and the profit to remain approximately at the same level as in the capital. Therefore, when choosing housing in Greece, you should not give preference to surface options, but it is best to study the proposals in more detail on our website

Attractions for connoisseurs of beauty

  • Museum of Dionysios Solomos, on two floors of this ethnographic museum located on St. Mark’s Square, besides the manuscripts of the national poet of Greece and the first edition of the Hymn to Freedom, 17th-century art objects (furniture, embroidery, jewelery and musical instruments from mansions that era), the score and libretto of the operas of the great composer of the 19th century, Pavlos Carrera. In addition, the museum presents handwritten notes and works by playwrights of Anthony Matesi, Dionysius Roma and Gregory Xenopoulos.
  • Arekia, Bohali, Gaytani – if you want to hear the famous serenades of Zakynthos (Zakynthos kantadas) performed by local bands, then in Arekia in Repara and in Spiti tu Lata (Bohali) a pleasant surprise awaits you: wooden tables and benches are installed in courtyards, Greek The wine flows like a river to the pleasant music of Zakynthos. Here you can taste the traditional dishes of the island. To see theatrical performances performed by folk troupes, go to the village of Gaitani.
  • Stone Park Askos – in a wooded area of 500 hectares in Volimes, you can see 45 species of animals (goats, turtles, raccoons, deer, llama, etc.) that live freely in special enclosures.

Housing prices in Greece: factors of influence

The cost of an object is directly dependent on its state. In Greece, new real estate is not so much, the construction there does not differ typically resort spans, so there are enough democratic offers on the secondary market. Even in traditionally expensive Athens, you can find an apartment costing from € 600 for a “square”, although elite real estate in the Greek capital can cost € 3-4 thousand per sq.m. For such a cost, you can find a picturesque villa close to the sea or a superb apartment on a high floor, which is very much appreciated in Greece.

If you are going to buy Greek real estate, it is important to remember about the legal aspects of the transaction. It is best to acquire property in Greece from trusted companies that guarantee the legal purity of the facility and the proper execution of documents. In this case, a Russian or Greek agency can become an intermediary. On our site, a lot of suggestions and feedback from our customers.

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