Preparing your Home for a Sale; Things to Consider


It’s not exactly the easiest time in history to sell a home, particularly ahead of winter. Not many people like to move house in the colder months, though it’s worth remembering that a lot of potential buyers will still look around and scope out the properties they may eventually invest in after the New Year.

So, given recent unpredictable news in the housing market, how can you best sell your home quickly in the coming weeks and months? Here are a few things you may want to take on board before you move forward with a sale.

Keep a neutral colour scheme. You should only really customise your décor if you plan to stay in your home, so extreme themes and colour schemes should be avoided. Use neutral colours on walls to help prospective buyers see their own designs in a home when they’re shown around.

Move out unnecessary furniture. Removing furniture can help a house move quicker off the market; after all, it will help a home appear spacious and give clear walkways for tours.

Pay attention to finer details. If you don’t patch up those cracks or clean the grout between tiles, your prospective buyers could see this as a reflection on the state of the house as a whole. Just upgrading smaller items such as light switches or door handles could improve saleability.

Maximise curb appeal. After all, the exterior of the house is the first thing a buyer will see. If there’s a garden, keep grass at a reasonable height; trees and hedges should have branches kept under control. If it’s a terraced house, for example, it’s worth going over any flaky paint or rusty knockers!

Finally, houses need to smell nice. You need to do your best to avoid strong smells, so clean your fridge and be mindful of what you cook ahead of showings (avoid fish and such).


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