This Product Can End Your Problems with Mould


If you haven’t heard of this remarkable method for preventing mould, you are missing an opportunity to eliminate mould in your home or small business. If this threat to health and property is of concern to you, read on to learn more about handling the problem effectively, which dehumidifiers and chemical treatment can’t promise. Contact an official installer today to get the process started.

Six Steps

You can get a good understanding of SkamoWall installation in Plymouth by looking at the six steps that combine to make this a proven method for removing this fungus which occurs naturally in the right conditions.

  • Biocide is applied first
  • Adhesive is the second step
  • Wall board is installed
  • Primer is applied
  • Wall is plastered
  • Finish painting is applied

Decades of Use

Mould can break down the walls and other parts of your home if left untreated. It poses a significant risk to the structure and can also cause health problems for people and pets. When spores in the air come in contact with a moist surface, mould will grow. But this new method will eliminate the mould and deliver outstanding insulation in the bargain.

People have already seen the benefits of SkamoWall over the past two decades, with thousands of property owners choosing this outstanding method to get rid of mould. The product itself uses a waste by-product of silicon metal called microsilica, so this material is reused and recycled for an important purpose. When mixed with quicklime, the combination produces a calcium-silicate board that forms the basis of the installation.



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