Trust in a Skilled Tree Surgeon for Systematic Removal and Trimming


There’s a reason why arborists are often referred to as tree surgeons and it’s because performing work on trees requires extreme care and skill. Trimming trees incorrectly may damage their health and hurt their natural beauty so it’s important that your tree surgeons know how to properly work on a tree.

On the other hand, if you plan on removing a tree completely, your tree surgeons should be able to do so without damaging the surrounding property. If you are having issues with your trees or bushes, you can contact your tree surgeons for all of the following services.

  • Pruning and pollarding
  • Dismantling and felling
  • Crowd reduction
  • Crown lifting and thinning
  • Dead wooding
  • Stump grinding

Trees naturally produce dead wood, which can not only make a mess but also threaten the safety of your home during a storm. Tree surgeons in Kent can remove all dead wood and decrease the risk factor while improving the health of your tree.

Removing Trees by Sections

Completely removing a tree is a systematic process that requires extreme care and attention to the surroundings.

Your tree surgeons have the equipment to access the highest points of the tree and they can begin dismantling the tree in sections from the top down. This gives them better control about where things fall, and the tree becomes increasingly easier to work with.


If you are simply concerned about a particular tree, your tree surgeons can also provide a consultation. This includes assessing the risk factors of the tree and letting you know what the most appropriate route should be.




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