Convert your Summerhouse into an Entertaining Space


It takes a lot of hard work to keep a home in good condition. For all of your family to live comfortably in your home it must be constantly clean and tidy. There are times however, that you wish you could just let go and have a party with your best friends or let your children play any games they want without the worry of your home being trashed. An easy resolution to this difficulty is to purchase a summer house as an additional garden building for your property.

Changing the use of your garden building

Although you may have installed your summerhouse to provide you with a relaxing area away from your home, it can double up as a play area for children or an entertaining space for adults.

The advantage of using a summerhouse as an entertaining space is that it can provide plenty of room for a number of people to enjoy themselves socially, yet is only a short walk into your house to access to your kitchen and other facilities.

Whether you already have a summerhouse or you are thinking about purchasing a new garden building, there are a number of additions that you can make to the summerhouse which will ensure that it can be used for a number of different activities.

When it needs to act as a children’s play area, a few beanbags and a lot of space provide a great environment, but if it’s to solely act as an adult entertainment centre, it might need to take a full-size snooker table and a bar.

Entertaining family and friends

When you organise a barbecue in your garden, you can’t rely on the weather to be great. This is where your summerhouse will prove to be extremely useful because your guests will be able to step inside from time to time or when the rain falls. For occasions such as this you should remove your favourite carpet and allow the great wooden floor to come into its own.

If you plan to hold barbecues out of the summer season, you will need to add heating and lighting to your summerhouse. Upgrading your windows to double glazing will provide some good insulation and some people have known to go to the extreme of providing under floor heating to make sure that the summerhouse can be used all across the winter.

The blinds or curtains that you choose for the windows will reflect the type of party that you expect inside. If your summerhouse is going to be used for multiple purposes, you’re going to have to find blinds or curtains that don’t match a 6-year-old’s bedroom or the nicest teahouse of a village green.

A bank of electricity sockets will help your garden building provide all of the power that is necessary for all occasions. Children will want to plug-in their games machines and even if they using portable models or tablet computers, these will always need charging after a short period of time.

For adults, a supply of electricity either from a solar panel or direct from your home will give you the opportunity of keeping food warm inside your summerhouse or access to hot coffee all the way through a Sunday afternoon party.

It takes a lot of thought to convert your summerhouse into an entertaining space for your children, your family and perhaps, your friends. Whichever decor and design you choose, you’re sure to have fun entertaining everyone.


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