Hire a Property Manager for Your Rentals


People all over the world know that property is a great investment and can bring in a lot of money if rented out to the right tenants. Unfortunately, managing your rental property can be very time-consuming and involves more paperwork than a lot of people want to deal with. This is when it’s a great idea to hire a letting agent who can help you manage your property so you still enjoy your free time.

Property Management

Finding a great team of East Sussex letting agents will allow you to enjoy your income, not worry about problems at your property, and be hands-off with your tenants. In addition, property managers help with the following:

  • Market vacant property for you
  • Collect late rent
  • Screen possible tenants
  • Coordinate all maintenance through a trained staff
  • Help with the taxes
  • Conduct monthly property inspections
  • Prepare monthly statements of all finances

What to Look for

It’s important when you are looking to hire a property manager to help with your rentals that you work with an agent who has the experience and knowledge of how to deal with tenants to make your job easy. You want someone who isn’t afraid to chase down late rent and who has a strong knowledge of the legal system if he or she has to get help from the courts in dealing with your tenants. While a nice personality is pleasant, you want to make sure that the person you hire isn’t afraid of necessary conflict.

Hiring a property manager will relieve a lot of the stress that comes with owning rental properties but only if you hire the right person; take your time and don’t be afraid to perform interviews.


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